Aesop's Ales

Aesop's ales is a line of beer brewed by The Crow & Pitcher Public House (CPPH). The life lessons taught by Aseop's fables such as: perserverance, humility and kindness, well represent the values of the CPPH. These qualities, even if just budding, are found in the kind of people who would gravitate toward Aesop's Ales. Seeking to promote tradition, the lables use imagry and stores that harken to a time when honour and integrety were paramount. The simple swing top bottle reinforces the message of tradition. Providing the label collection book allows patrons to further interact with the brand and take ownership of it as they seek to collect each label.


Arcanum Vitae

Simple, hand made, skin care products are created in a way that reminds one of the alchemy of old. Part science, part passion and art coupled with the persuit of youth and value, the creation of products that heal and rejuvinate seem to run parallel to the persuits of aincent alchemists. In a bid to become unique among a sea of natural health products, Arcanum Vitae (latin for "Secret of Life"), presents it self as a wonderful mystery for consumers fed a steady diet of easy to digest catch phrases and green leaf logos. The symbology of Arcanum Vitae is based on real alchemical symbols that represent some of the base ingredients used in the production process.


LGI is an industrial whole saler specializing in fasteners, abrasives and welding equipment. The wings coupled with the military style lettering represents quick and diciplined service to the industry. These masculine images resonate well with the middle aged, blue collar and largley male targed audience. The blue and gold colour scheme conveys a sense of approchability and high standards. By implimenting an on line ordering system and providing take aways such as the business card that doubles as a thread guage, customers are able to immediatly see the value LGI can bring to them.

War of Attrition

Initially conceptualized as "Smoke Em If You Got Em" the War of Attrition is a board game about taking and maintaing control of a small town during a fictitious war. Players have a 'never ending' supply of troops to command as a means to this goal. After many playtests the a square grid on the board was replaced with a hex grid to allow players greater freedom of movement. The mechanic of recieving more movement opportunities based on how many troops are currently in play encourages players to have as many troops on the board as possible at all times. The design of the rules is meant to allow two players the chance to play this game on their lunch break as running time was designed to be 20 to 40 minutes. The game was also designed to be teachable within five minutes which gives it great accessibility to players of all levels.

Open Wheel

All three of these cars are iconic for their time periods. The Mercedes was the last car designed by Ferdinand Porsche before he moved on to found his own company and won several prestegious races in its day. The Lotus quickly became the working man's sports car. Because it was light weight and simple it could be easily used for clubman racing, a popular past time in england. Lastly the Ariel Atom is a modern take on the open wheel tradition.

Depression is real

An ambient piece designed to inform the public about what kinds of things run unbidden through a depressed mind. As a person walks down the street they are bombarded with typical automatic negative thoughts found in all forms of depression. The goal is to create a sense of empathy when people realize that these thoughts run uncontrolled and dominate everyday life.

The Tillering Tree

The Tillering Tree is my bowyery (bow making) company. A large part of the process of turning a stick in to a bow is called tillering. It's the shaping of the wood to the appropriate size to allow for the correct bend of the limbs. A tillering stick is an apparatus used to measure how much force is being put on the limbs at any given draw length.

Soil Chronicle

This magazine is meant for people who love to garden and have a eye for beautiful design. It is informative with tips on seasonal growing and soil condidions while full of photography making it sutiable for a coffee table.


Taliesin was a renowned bard in 6th century Whales. He was known to have read his poems and played music at the courts of at least three kings. As a music magazine 'for the modern proletariat', Taliesin makes art and culture information accessible to the person who may not have the time to dig deeply in to these areas otherwise.

To write in first person or third person? It's a tough call but Agust has made it. I can also make the tough calls on your design needs. Kearning, leading, lettering or fonts, uppercase or lowercase, I have the knowledge needed to deliver a great design for your situation.

I began my working life as an electrician and moved on to sales. After a fashion I decided that I needed a more variable and creative vocation which lead me to communication design. Chasing variety is part of who I am and to that end I also design board games and I make traditional long bows. I've found that exploring different avenues leads to a broader view of things and gives more fodder for the creative mind. I'd love to hear a bit of your story and work with you on your project.

-Agust Blondal

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